update: twelve sentences, todo.sh

I’ve been doing at least one of the things I said I’d do on last week’s Thanksgiving post: 12 sentences a day of fiction (currently, of SATORI #4). I’m 8 for 8, and I’ve written a lot more than 12 sentences almost every day. DBTC is, strangely, really helpful — it’s really satisfying to make the day’s click on the calendar. I’m both excited and apprehensive to push my luck by trying to extend this (barely a week of) success to, e.g., exercise or diet; I’m afraid that my inevitable lapses in those realms will infect my writing. In any event, I’m not going to try managing two chains until I can keep one up for at least a month.

todo.sh is a qualified success. Quicksilver integration isn’t good, but easily hacked by typing in your command and running it in a terminal window, which you can then close. I’m a little annoyed that there isn’t an easier way to remove or modify events without running “todo.sh list” to figure out what the event’s number is… but I’m not sure what an easier way would be. It would require a lot of intelligence to parse something like “mark that thing about calling Bob done.”


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