reviews, batch-style

As mentioned at the end of the previous post, I have a dissertation to write. But I’m lagging behind much of my reading, and I would like to use this, if nothing else, as a record of what I’ve read. So, for this post, I’ll follow the tradition of New York Times capsule reviews and bang out each book in 20.

FINDER: SIN-EATER, by Carla Speed McNeil: Tolkien’s world-building, Wolfe’s trickery, Ellis’s inventiveness, an eye for character — and she can draw! Please read this…

ALTERED CARBON, by Richard Morgan: Nice extrapolation of an sf chestnut with a plot like a Gordian roller coaster — fast pace, serious torque.

THE NAME OF THE WIND, by Patrick Rothfuss: Almost justifies the hype; more than justifies the purchase. Beware, though — two books to go, and Rothfuss writes slowly.

THE EYE OF THE WORLD, by Robert Jordan: Tolkien warmed over. He tastes better warm, turns out.

THE GREAT HUNT, by Robert Jordan: Actually, Tolkien warmed over is kind of like crack. A bit of groan-worthy writing, but basically excellent.

THE DRAGON REBORN, by Robert Jordan: Rand goes missing, but we don’t miss him that much. Think “Emo Harry” in ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.


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