life is long enough

A month of silence and another linkblog; sorry.

Sometimes I forget why I read Tim Ferriss, but this post reminds me: On The Shortness of Life: An Introduction to Seneca. I’m kind of tempted to repost the letter, but he dug it up, so he deserves the hit.

The sentiment is not revolutionary, but it’s well rendered — and it’s been around a while, so to say it’s not revolutionary may be a lot like complaining that Shakespeare wrote in cliché. Ferriss has posted before on Stoicism, and I was intrigued by the similarities to Buddhism and its secular offshoots, e.g. mindfulness meditation; I’m sure I’m not the first person to make that connection, but I might be interested enough to poke around in that literature after I’m done reading the Wheel of Time. (I’m on KNIFE OF DREAMS; it won’t be long — but I also have to get through my loaner copies of the Book of the Short Sun, preferably before I graduate.)

2 thoughts on “life is long enough

  1. Yeah, Robert Jordan stole extravagantly from real-world mysticism and religion to create his world, instead of myth-making from whole cloth. Which works at least as well, on average.

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