THE DANDELION KNIGHT: A morning’s coquetry

“Did you come here to flirt with me?” asked Mireille.

“Naturally,” said the Dandelion Knight. “How else does one woo an object of love?”

Mireille groped behind her for the hooks that harnessed the girl to the railing on the raised road. “I’m sure you say that to all the Champions.”

“Of course not. There’s room in my heart for one woman, and one alone. Do you take me for a slut?”

“Like me, you mean?” Mireille grinned. One of the ropes was wrapped twice around her wrist; she hunted for the other. “It’s a womanish term. Say, rather, a romantic?”

“What sordid equivalences you politicians conjure up,” said the Dandelion Knight. “I am a romantic. That’s half of why I love you — a surrender to poetic necessity.”

“What’s the other half?”

“No reason I can name,” said the Dandelion Knight. “It happened in a moment, and I’ve loved you in every moment since because I’d loved you the moment before. Like the birth of the universe — a series of physically determined events issuing inexorably from a single moment outside physics. I have a team of philosophers and scientists working on the problem. The scientists invent grotesque mathematical instruments, and the philosophers follow youths in the street and annotate their behavior in languages ill-adapted for casual discourse.”

“Is it the fashion among young revolutionaries to flirt like professors?” asked Mireille. She had wound the ropes around one of her forearms.

“Who was the last professor you chased up a building?” asked the Dandelion Knight. “I’ll give you his heart in a cherrywood box. I’m a jealous lover, I’m afraid, though not a young revolutionary.”

“Not young?” Mireille asked, thinking she saw the swirl of a cape in the mist — but it decohered a moment later; there was nothing. “Are you the original, then?”

“The truth doesn’t come as easily as that,” said the Dandelion Knight.

(© Matt Weber, 2009)


6 thoughts on “THE DANDELION KNIGHT: A morning’s coquetry

  1. “It happened in a moment, and I’ve loved you in every moment since because I’d loved you the moment before.”

    wonderful, so glad to have come across it.
    keep writing?

  2. does it do tricks??

    (couldn’t resist, my inner child tends to revolt from time to time)

    will you be continuing this or simply adding new shorts?

  3. This is a piece of a novel. The plan is to add more excerpts as I progress — preferably ones like this, which are a little bit interesting on their own but don’t spoil the plot excessively. Other shorts are not, in general, off the table, but I’m working on the novel more or less exclusively right now.

    If you want more, the “art for you” category on the sidebar has links to a couple of published stories, an unpublished novella, and another excerpt from the novel.

  4. The reason he loves her, part II: her huge tracts of land? 😀

    I am intrigued by your excerpt, and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

    Please contact Malcolm McDowell and ask if he’ll read the audio version.

    • “Huge tracts of land” will not be in the theatrical version but may make it in the director’s cut. I auditioned McDowell, but he kept having the characters call each other “droogie.” Can’t get good help these days.

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