preface or epilogue to a short story

I never did finish “Incunabulum,” and I should be working on THE DANDELION KNIGHT, but today I got an idea that’s sort of captured my imagination, so I thought I’d hum a few bars:

On the hundredth anniversary of the Pongyo Gorge massacre, this retrospective of the event and its antecedents was vouchsafed to the corps of Celestial Stenographers by the White Umbrella Deity. The report appeared as a perfect scroll of unperforated fan-fold paper, with engagement holes edged in gold leaf and characters printed in a typeface of unusual grace and beauty, which disappeared in tiny bursts of silver lightning, dot by dot, even as they were transcribed. The Deity declined to explicate her actions; when asked for identification, she struck the supervising clerk dumb and branded the foreheads of the receiving staff with the mark of an effulgent golden wheel. After considerable deliberation, the Celestial Stenographers have elected to release this centennial commentary on the White Umbrella Testament unabridged.


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