mamas & papas

A real one-two punch from Pat Rothfuss on the parents’ holidays. First his amazing Mother’s Day post, then this, which I’m going to make you read a little bit of before you click away, because really, you’d best not click away:

[R]ight now, our relationship is perfect. I’ve got nothing but love for you, my little man.

So I want to take the opportunity to tell you this: if things get shitty in the future it won’t matter in the long run. If you roll your eyes at me and I shout at you, if we end up screaming terrible things at each other….

None of that matters. You’re my boy. You are my favorite thing in the world. You are the one and only thing that always makes me happy. You are going to grow up and break my heart and do things that disappoint me. And it’s okay. — The Opposite of Father’s Day


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