I have given the Writing Excuses crew some shit in the past, so it seems only meet to notify my vast readership that their recent brainstorming episode is dead brilliant, especially Howard’s contributions. Here’s the setup:

Dan needs to write a military thriller. It’s just a short story, but still, it’s a bit outside his area of expertise, and he needs help. So in this episode Brandon, Mary, and Howard will endeavor to help him.

I wish I could say it answers the universal question (“Where do you get your ideas?”). It is more likely to make you ask it again in an admiring tone, which is not so bad. I wouldn’t go with every single choice that the WE crew made for Dan’s story, but if I were offered a spot in a military sf anthology and the choice between doing what Brandon, Howard, and Mary came up with versus doing nothing…

… OK, I would probably do the ethical thing and write my own story. But it probably wouldn’t be as good.

Also, Dan’s description of REDSHIRTS has also bumped up my desire to read it, although it is still behind finishing DEMONS and THE CHRONICLES OF MASTER LI AND NUMBER TEN OX, to say nothing of my signed copy of IMMORTAL LYCANTHROPES, and by that time I may be due to start in on THE ALCHEMY OF STONE. But I’ll probably manage it in due course. Maybe when the holds come off the library copies.

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