big bird’s pink slip [trigger warning: partisan bulls***]

Sorry, Republican friends, I’m in a bad mood after this one. But it’s because your guy did well, so maybe take that concession home rather than reading on? I may become immoderate.

I’d like to think Obama’s performance in the debates was part of a long game. I think it’s clear that a slam dunk wasn’t going to help him much (and, judging from Romney’s showing tonight, might have been unattainable in any case). What he wants is fresh egg on Romney’s face, something that can make the YouTube rounds until November 2. On that account, it’s a gamble; Team Obama figures that, if the President puts on bit of a meek face, he has a good chance of drawing out something Romney’s going to regret.

Even if it is a long game, though, it might turn out to have been a bad bet. Tonight would suggest that. I don’t know, though. Romney flashed that little grin every time he was satisfied with himself. I could see it happening. (But then, I would.)

It does astonish me how serenely the guy could accuse Obama of being a partisan hack who refused to listen to Congressional Republicans. Or maybe it doesn’t; you can see why Obama can’t take that bait. “No, your guys wouldn’t play ball” sounds like whining. Still and all, though, the stones on him.

I continue to hate commentators. I understand why people want to hear about strategy, truly I do—I sometimes even want to hear about it myself—but this is PBS; there have got to be a couple of donors who care about who’s going to win AND why it matters. Couldn’t we have sat the “social” “media” “expert” to one side and devoted a couple of minutes to the mildly interesting question of whether or not Mitt Romney is actually proposing a $5 trillion tax cut? Or the actual effect of Obama’s $716 billion cut/”savings” to Medicare? These are staggering sums of money we’re talking about, and in each case one man says we’re on the hook for it and the other denies it; is no further clarity desirable?

Anyway. That’s enough cycles down the drain for one night.

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