links 2/14/13

Posted mostly so I can close the tabs.

Joe Konrath’s Amazon numbers
Joe Konrath on how to sell ebooks
Instapaper for iPhone. Worth $3.99?
The Agency Group
The OnyxHawke Agency
Seth Roberts: What happens if I stop grading?
Seth Roberts: Giving students freedom
CJ Lyons on traditional and/vs self-publishing
Jane Friedman: Best business advice for writers in 2013
WITT (Hanson & Bauer, 1989)
Pat Rothfuss interview on BlogTalkRadio
RED PHONE BOX Kickstarter

AISFP 35: Michael Moorcock
AISFP 43: Jeff VanderMeer
AISFP 54: Kelly Link & Lou Anders
AISFP 86: Eddie Schneider
AISFP 106: Guy Gavriel Kay
AISFP 113: Writing Excuses


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