links 2/20/13

Jane Friedman: How to get your book published

Business Insider: Privacy settings for Facebook Graph Search

The Cult of Done Manifesto

In Defense of Parenthood: Children Are Associated With More Joy Than Misery (Nelson et al., 2013, PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE)

How to Make a Young Child Smarter: Evidence From the Database of Raising Intelligence (Protzko et al., 2013, PERSPECTIVES ON PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE)

Moving Forward With fMRI Data (Rugg & Thompson-Schill, 2013, CURRENT DIRECTIONS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE)

The Seductive Allure of “Seductive Allure” (Farah & Hook, 2013, CURRENT DIRECTIONS IN PSYCHOLOGICAL SCIENCE)

The APS journal articles linked above are probably paywalled, sorry.

Between the special issue on how fMRI can inform cognitive theories, and the recent special issue on replication, CDIPS is killing it lately. I really want to read both from cover to cover, but I have to stick with the highlights for now. They also had a recent special issue on political bias in social psychology with a couple of good articles by Princeton’s Debbie Prentice and Penn’s Philip Tetlock; that’s not my field, so the priority is even lower, but on the strength of those article’s it’s probably worth reading through as well. Also to read, hopefully in the near future, my old officemate Martin Monti’s 2011 review of the GLM approach to fMRI…

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