Some of those who read my short story “Tubby’s Letter” (currently, and likely for the foreseeable future, in the slush pile at were skeptical about the use of what I called “Bio-E,” a not-very-well-specified method for harvesting electricity from the human body. To you I now say only PWNED.

As you were.

Oh, you wanted to read the story? In that case I would recommend rude emails to Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Liz Gorinsky telling them to pay me for it already. (KIDDING. Don’t be rude. And, yes, I realize that, not having technically “bought” the story, they don’t technically “owe” me money, although really, aren’t such barristerly cavils beneath you? However, if the thought of bothering a couple of science fiction’s more high-profile editors fills you with a just and righteous fear, you could email me and I might send you the submitted draft.)

(But you should really email *somebody* and tell them to send me money. I’m not picky.)

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