eye candy


This is not exactly a declaration of intent. But it’s getting pretty close.

Unfortunately, at the moment I can’t use this particular cover commercially—both the texture and the dandelion require permission from different sources for commercial use, and the dandelion in particular requires a paid license that costs about $15. It’s not clear whether I could work something out for the texture, but luckily that’s a bit less important. The fonts are Igino Marini’s Fell Types and Schoon, both—amazingly—free.

Astute readers will note that the image is called “cover9”; revelation of the previous eight would constitute the sort of public self-flagellation that’s really best left for the million-dollar stretch goal of a Kickstarter. But the below is, at least in my mind, a pretty respectable runner-up, although the feel it’s going for is (purposely) much more “70’s paperback” than… well, whatever the thing above is. The one great deficiency of the cover below is my lack of courage—there’s an early version with an appropriately retro font (Futura) for the byline, but it felt too chunky for the application and I switched to Helvetica Neue Anorexliche instead. Despite my affection for it, I never actually made a proper version of the runner-up in the GIMP; this is literally a screenshot of a PowerPoint mockup.



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