help me price-match “statler pulchrifex” and “wormwords”

statlerpulchrifex wormwords

“Statler pulchrifex” and “Wormwords” are now available on the Kindle Store for $0.99! But, as at least some of you know, they are also available, respectively, at NATURE and COSMOS—for free. There’s no reason to make anyone pay for them on Amazon, except that I can’t charge less than $0.99 unless Amazon is aware that there’s a free alternative.

I’d like to enlist your help in that project. I’ve published both stories on Kobo—here’s “Statler pulchrifex,” here’s “Wormwords.” It would be great if I could get just a couple of people to do the following for each story:

1. Find it on Amazon (the serene blue covers above link to Amazon),
2. Ctrl-F “tell us about a lower price,” then click on it,
3. Click the “Website” radio button,
4. Enter the corresponding Kobo URL (linked in the previous paragraph), with $0.00 for the price and shipping cost of the stories.

I’ve done this myself, of course, but reports seem to suggest that price matches from people other than the author get quicker responses from Amazon.

Why go to all that trouble to make my work free? Same reason anyone gives out free samples—I want to give people a taste. I’d very much like to earn some money at this, of course, but I have a fair bit written and plenty more ideas. I don’t need to earn on every word.

In case anyone’s curious about the covers, incidentally, I wanted an easy way for free stories to stand out. As I add stories and collections, the system will become clearer, but the basic way it works is this: Collections have full-color covers, collected stories have sepia covers, free stand-alones have blue covers. The idea is that any short story that costs money will be collected, and therefore available at a discount; any short story that isn’t also presented in a collection should be free. Especially those available elsewhere on the Web for free.

Thanks for your help! I’ll post an update when the price-match goes through.

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