2 thoughts on “new mantis shrimp paper in SCIENCE

  1. “Have to”? Matt, all the hard work has been done for you — the authors have handed you something worth teaching on a silver platter — something that doesn’t come out of the textbook and that is inherently attention-grabbing. You GET to teach this. I GET to teach this. I am totally showing this to my Intro class next fall in the visual perception lecture. And they’re going to love it. And I’m going to get credit for their loving it. And if they haven’t been following The Oatmeal, they will start following it. Everybody wins.

    • Although I am in general possibly not as enthusiastic about teaching as you are, I meant this in the sense you’re talking about — that is, “have to teach this” in the sense that it’s too good to pass up. (Much like the “Inception experiment” out of the Tonegawa lab, which I used to frame the neurophysiology lectures in my cog-neuro class.) Plus I can see a real pedagogical value to this — at any rate, I’m pretty sure *I’m* going to understand human color vision better once I give the mantis shrimp result a good, close read.

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