how not to cook a wolf

2014-02-12 08.27.35

Holy shit, THREE KINGDOMS is starting to go full Westeros on me. (Not pictured: The part where they talk about how losing wives and children is like losing clothes, but losing “brothers” [-in-arms] is like losing a limb.)

NB: Liu Xuande is the big damn hero of this story, as I understand it.

2 thoughts on “how not to cook a wolf

  1. I have an unread two-volume copy of Three Kingdoms at home on a shelf. I have tried about four times to read it, but have never made it very far. I can get several pages in, but eventually I realize I have no idea who anybody is or what’s going on. So put it away and decide to try again when I have the patience for it.

  2. A quick pre-game on Wikipedia definitely helps, if only so you know who to look out for and who’s a bit player. I’ve also been watching John Woo’s RED CLIFF in 20-minute spurts, since for some reason Rowan seems to find large-scale violence soothing–which helps because now I have faces for a lot of the important names.

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