SATORI now available on Comixology!

My co-creator, Mike LaRiccia, has put our 2008 comic, SATORI, on Comixology for $1.99. Since he mentioned this to me, I’ve just joined Comixology—I can’t say much about the PC version of the app, since it seems my information hasn’t cross-pollinated from the mobile app to the website, but the mobile reader is beautiful and there are a ton of issue #1s of great comics for free. So, even if you don’t want to read SATORI, and even—especially!—if you don’t like reading comics, I would strongly recommend joining Comixology and perusing the free issues. Here, I’ll even help you out with a few pointers:

  • SAGA: Fantasy space opera family drama. Seriously, do not even consider clicking away from this post before you download it.
  • THE WALKING DEAD: The state of the art in zombie survival horror; inspiration for the AMC show of the same name.
  • BONE: Reasonably funny screwball comedy, evolving over the course of 1000 pages or so into beautifully drawn and written (yet still funny) epic fantasy.
  • PLANETARY: A superhero team of fantastic archaeologists, striving to keep the world strange.
  • RASL: Dimension-warping soap opera slash conspiracy thriller slash love letter to Nikola Tesla.
  • WANTED: The logical, horrible extension of superhero power fantasies; inspiration for the really pretty different James McAvoy/Angelina Jolie movie of the same name.

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