About Matt

I’ve published short fiction in Nature, The Nassau Literary Review, and Cosmos. I’ve been anthologized in Futures from Nature and received two Honorable Mentions from the Writers of the Future contest. My first comic, Satori, co-created with Mike LaRiccia, debuted at SPX in October 2008 and is now available on Comixology. Here’s a trailer and here’s some unlettered art. Our production schedule is unclear at the moment; you’ll hear more when we know more. My novel, The Dandelion Knight, and my short story collection, Blood, Wax, Mirrors, can be purchased in ebook form at the following fine online retailers:

The Dandelion Knight: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo
Blood, Wax, Mirrors: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo

If you’re interested in announcements of new releases, please do join my mailing list.

This blog’s main focus is writing and publishing–process, inspiration, contemplation, and (inevitably) promotion. But it’s also a partial snapshot of the contents of my head over time, whether those be neuroscience-inspired sumi-e paintings or compassionate cannibalism in ancient Chinese fiction or statistical issues in interpreting studies of general intelligence.

In my other life, I’m a postdoctoral researcher in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.

2 thoughts on “About Matt

  1. Dear Matt Weber:

    I’m a chinese reader. Your short SF novel , Statler pulchrifex, published in journal nature( 442, 718 ,10 August 2006). It‘s very interesting.

    But I have several questions to ask for your advice.

    1. I want to know the mean of the word “pulchrifex” in the title. (I know your web sit is http://www.pulchrifex.com/, I guess it means “strange idea” or “fantasticim”?)

    2. In this sentenc—— “imaginative hecklers of the home’s cafeteria food”,its means is “two imaginative men who hate the home’s cafeteria food?”

    3. In fact ,I can’t understand this paragraph—— “Back then I could have filled out three forms to have you killed,” said Statler. “For your immediate family, two. I know for a fact you’d have needed six to snuff me, and I’d have had my eye on four of them. You’d have disappeared before they cleared the comptroller.”

    These words in this paragraph ——immediate family, the number “two, six and four ” ——make me very puzzled. I don’t know they refer to shuffleboard game or others?

    thank you!

    Best Regards

    a reader

    • (a) “Pulchrifex” is from Latin. Compare “pulchritude” and “pontifex.”

      (b) That’s basically right. “Heckling” something is making fun of it.

      (c) “Immediate family” means your mother, father, brothers, and sisters. The numbers refer to how many forms Statler and Waldorf, respectively, would have had to fill out to have each other killed.

      Thanks for reading!

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