they grow up so fast

I almost cried when I watched this. In general, I’m excited for my daughter to grow up and not nostalgic for her younger, less capable incarnations — but I couldn’t shake the feeling that baby Lotte was going away, or being replaced, and that was heartwrenching. I don’t feel that with Una on a day-to-day time scale, but seeing it compressed into seconds somehow magnified that sense of loss.

I think this video may be the first thing that’s really helped me understand Shin-Yi’s compulsion to immerse herself in and memorialize Una’s babyhood. It’s funny that, even though I see Una so much less than Shin-Yi does, I’m so much less sensitive to the march of time and development than she is.

Via Andrew Gelman.

updated! w/free art, prose, and video

All right. Lots of new stuff today.

Although I’m retaining ownership of in the unlikely event of commercial success at a level that would justify paying money for hosting, I’ve moved house to because the GoDaddy banners are annoying. Since no one reads this blog, no one will care about this fact, but it seems right to record it, so the alien paleontologists will know what was going on when they begin brushing dust off the fossilized remains of the Internet in a hundred billion years or so.

More interestingly, I have media, all of it free! My experience at SPX has taught me, or at least lied to me convincingly, about the power of free; Mike and I moved 47 issues of SATORI #1 assisted prodigiously by the help of free copies of BLACK MANE. The revenue probably didn’t even cover meals for the weekend, but it did make me think that distributing more of my work more quickly might be more useful than waiting months and months for people to accept things for publication, even if it does make me feel good when an editor says they like my work. The upshot of all this is that I have three things for you.

First, Mike’s YouTube trailer for SATORI, with original music:

Next, a couple of unlettered pages (click for full-sized images):

Page 2 of SATORIPage 5 of SATORI

And finally, my own work: A 17,000-word novella, winner of an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future contest, ANTECEDENTS TO THE RESTORATION OF THE CAMONDO CLOCK TOWER.

Creative Commons License
(ANTECEDENTS TO THE RESTORATION OF THE CAMONDO CLOCK TOWER, by Matt Weber, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.)

That’s all for now. Later, maybe some thoughts on SPX, and/or some more free fiction, like sugar cubes dissolving on your tongue.