glorious lymanisms

The writers on THE WEST WING 6.3, “Third-Day Story,” were obviously having a field day with Josh’s lines. Here are the highlights, all regarding (a) Turkmenistan or (b) a bet with CJ that he can’t survive without snacking on pastries until the end of the week:

“This is some nutbag dictator of the week begging for surplus rutabagas.”

“It’s a nation of Labradors run by Zeppo Marx!”

“Belly up to the griddle, Griselda.”

“C.J.’s trying to trap me and she’s going down like a cheap pair of salad tongs.”

“You can throw me in a vat of custard with a chocolate-covered snorkel. It’s going to be you and me this weekend, and you are wearing a floppy hat!”

“We need a coalition. We’re being mugged by a melon-worshipper!”

“It’s like a torture chamber designed by renegade Keebler elves.”

(Thanks to for absolving me from rewinding the DVD over and over and over again, and apologies to Turkmenistan)