i’m huge in china

Alvin Yan has graciously translated “Statler pulchrifex” into Chinese. My plans for domination are proceeding apace. (Thanks Jiaying!)

Unrelated, the distribution of even my hilariously minuscule blog traffic is exerting subtle mental pressure on my behavior. My most-visited post, of course, is the link to Godzilla Bukkake, long may it reign. My second is my review of Gordon Dahlquist’s book, THE GLASS BOOKS OF THE DREAM EATERS. This leaves me vaguely but perceptibly tempted to write more posts including the word “bukkake” (done and done) and to review THE DARK VOLUME, the sequel to TGBOTDE. But I didn’t like TGBOTDE that much, and bukkake does not often occupy my mind; this would seem like the first step down a slippery slope of pandering that could lead me into a morass of fame, riches, and women from which I might never…

… before we spiral down into that pathetic attractor state, let me just say that a less pandering approach would be to write a review of THE DARK VOLUME that “reproduces,” at some length, partially or wholly fabricated passages of Gordon Dahlquist’s lovingly rendered scenes of blue glass bukkake.

Look, all I did was say what you all were thinking…

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